7 Best 4K Laser Smart TV Projector Ultra Short Throw 2020

The 7 Best 4K Laser Smart TV Projector Ultra Short Throw

AN Ultra Short Throw Project is a device that has a throw ratio of 0.4 or less. The throw ratio is the distance between the projector and the screen to the screen width. The UST can project large-sized imagery comfortably even when placed just a few inches from your screen. The UST project has the capacity to project a 100-inch image within a distance of around 6-10 inches from your screen.

The Ultra Short Throw projectors have proven to be very popular and this trend has continued in 2020. The projectors offer additional installation flexibility to you and they are a great option when you want to create home theaters in your small rooms. These Ultra Short Throw projectors are the perfect replacement for your home TVs.

The Top 7 Best 4K Laser Smart TV Projector Ultra Short Throw For 2020:

ViewSonic 1080p Projector...
INCLUDED IN THE BOX: PX00HD Projector, Power...
BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw...
AWARD WINNING PROJECTOR: Best Projector for Gaming...
VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home...
Power source type: Corded Electric; Connectivity...
Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD...
Noise level: normal: 39 dB - economy: 30 dB ....
ViewSonic X10-4KE True 4K UHD...
PREMIUM AUDIO: Built-in Dual Harman Kardon...

How Do You Benefit From Installing A UST projector?

Some of the benefits that you will enjoy with the UST projectors compared to the regular projectors are:

Brighter: The imagery that is projected by an Ultra Short Throw projector is brighter when compared to a projector that has a similar brightness rating but the throw ratio is short or normal. This is because the light will travel a shorter distance to reach the screen hence disperse less resulting in a brighter picture.

Easy Installation: The projectors are easy to install and also align. They can be placed on a table in front of your screen and watch your movie. Other projectors that have a normal throw ought to be mounted to the wall or ceiling for installation and hence harder to align.

Requires less space: You can install your UST projector some few inches from your screen and they will not require large installation space thus suitable for smaller rooms.

Below are the 7 best 4k Laser Smart Ultra Short Throw Projectors.

1. ViewSonic 1080p Ultra Short Throw Projector.

The ViewSonic PX800HD is an ideal projector for your home theatre entertainment offering stunning, sharp images and incredible color accuracy. This product boasts numerous and outstanding features including:

SuperColor TruCinema Recommendation 709.

The PX800HD features a unique RGBRGB color wheel that offers 100% rec. 709 color accuracy great for jaw-dropping and a lifelike color that you will only expect to find at the movie theater. With this feature, you expect your UST projector to highly exact international HDTV standards. To make this better, the only projectors that can produce the colors of the original content accurately and precisely are those that meet 100% Rec. 709.

Reduced Input Latency.

The ViewSonic PX800HD projector is ideal for gaming action since it delivers razor-sharp images smoothly without delay. It boasts an ultra-low 16ms input latency that gives faster frame-by-frame action.

3D HDMI Inputs.

This Ultra Short Throw projector comes with 3D ready HDMI ports that make it perfect for connecting your HDMI-enabled devices. Moreover, it has the capacity to display3D images from 3D Blue-ray players directly. These 3D images can be viewed using the ViewSonic PGD-350 shutter glasses.

Incredible Brightness.

The projector comes with 2000 lumens of brightness hence providing superior images in any environment. To make it simpler, the performance is excellent even in rooms with high ambient light.

Space Saving.

An ultra-short throw lens allows simple as well as a flexible set up. You can place this projector some few inches from the screen or wall and the image that will be produced will be huge with the projector getting a more subtle presence.

Fully Immersive Experience.

The ViewSonic UST projector has an optional bright color panel that attains a contrast ratio that is four times higher than the normal projector screen. This enhances the delicate color shades and also produces superior images that will put you at the center of the action.

  • Flexible connectivity.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • High resolution.
  • Instructional manual.
  • Affordable.
  • Poor app layout.
  • Can experience fan noise


2. BenQ TH671ST Short Throw Projector.

The BenQ TH671ST projector has a superior picture quality that you cannot compare. This makes it your preferred projector for immersive gaming experience and cinematics. It has other many top-selling features such as:

Ultra-Fast Response.

The TH671ST offers you a heart-pounding game action that you will enjoy in your living space with 16.67ms low input lag and also the microsecond response time. With this feature, the projector perfectly matches your immersive gaming with no worries of image lag and unwanted motion blur.

Captivating Enjoyment.

The TH671ST guarantees total video enjoyment due to the quality sound provided. It has an onboard 5W stereo speaker and custom cinema, sport, music, and game modes. Therefore, the projector gives an intricate immersive AV experience.

High Brightness.

The projector features 3000 lumens of high brightness that allows you to watch with lights or with bright settings. This projector is also perfect for your living room and on top of that, you watch sports, movies or play games with your family.

Viewing Comfort.

BenQ LumiExpert will actively detect the ambient light conditions in your living room or viewing environment and then it will automatically adjust to balance the visual brightness for your maximum comfort.

Vertical Keystone Correction.

This feature helps you to project well-aligned images from different locations with much ease. The Vertical keystone adjusts the picture accordingly, countering the trapezoid effect where the projector ought to be placed off-center. With this, it is just a simple placement on your tabletop.

Wireless Home Entertainment.

The BenQ cast mirror HDMI will instantly stream your videos from your smartphone without needing connection cables. You can easily share photos and videos from your mobile phone to your screen.

Perfect For Any Space.

You can maximize your thrills with your small space since it will require just 9.9 feet to project your 100-inch images. This shortened throw ensures carefree gaming without worries of space constrains and setup hassles.

Great Resolution.

The projector has a spectacular Full HD 1080 pixels for a great visual performance. You can amaze yourself with the sharpest and finest clarity image details.

  • An award-winning projector.
  • Perfect for gaming.
  • Space-saving.
  • Easy installation.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • No streaming apps.
  • There is some fan noise.


3. VAVA 4k UHD TV Home Theatre Projector

VAVA Ultra Short Throw projector projects epic visuals from short proximity and also easy to adjust the projection between 80-150 inches within a distance of 16.7 inches from your screen. Generally, a hassle-free setup.

Luminary Light Source.

The VAVA 4k projector boasts an incredible 6000 lumens assuring you bright images even with your lights on. In short, you will not need a dark room to enjoy a quality image.

Complete Connectivity.

For each connection scenario, you are covered with 9 ports for a wide range of peripherals such as an HDD player, gaming console, TV set-top box, USB hard drive, speaker, and many more.


The projector is built to last its test time with the industrial-grade laser lasting up to 250000 hours. This is 15 times longer than the normal projector bulbs. No constant replacement of bulbs thus saving you money in the long run.

Easy Installation.

This ultra-short throw projector will eliminate the need for extra mounting hardware as well as professional installations. This makes the installation quick and also the viewing will not be interrupted by moving objects.

ALPD 3.0 Cinematic Advanced Technology.

The projector uses an industry-leading laser technology that is well known and has been used in many theatres around the world.

Elaborate and Vivid Details.

The projector adopts a 3-segment wheel color that displays accurate colors that enhance the purity and also brightness. The 3000:1 vivid contrasts guarantee a crisp and clear quality.

  • Great lumens.
  • Perfect customer service.
  • Long-Lasting laser.
  • Quality product.
  • Flexible connectivity.
  • The color range could be better.
  • You can experience difficulties when gaming.


4. Optoma Cinemax UHD Laser TV Projector

This is a top-quality projector with a 4k UHD resolution, a laser light source, pure glass optics, HDR compatibility, and NuForce premium sound that come together in a cozy form factor. This gives an instant cinematic experience wherever you are. On top of that Optoma UHD laser boasts:

Premium Onboard Soundbar.

Optoma Cinemax laser projector features an advanced NuForce 40W soundbar that gives a detailed sound enhanced by superior dialogue clarity. With a combination of two full-range drivers and also two separate subwoofers you get smooth mid-range frequencies, deep bass, and also crystal-clear vocals.

IFTTT Supports.

This feature enables seamless connectivity combined with numerous other smart devices to ensure that you Cinemax P1 integrate easily into your smart home. For instance, You can program your Cinemax P1 to mute when your doorbell rings.

USB Compatible.

You can relieve the memories of your holiday videos and photos with the Cinemax P1 USB feature. USB media playback feature for videos, images, and HDR video files.

Get Your Day Planned.

The projector comes with the InfoWall customized data display that will transform your Cinemax P1 into your personal assistant. With this, you can easily configure calendars, daily news, weather information, and many more. This is made possible by the Optoma Connect app that you can install on your smartphone.

Great Color And Contrast.

Light output can be adjusted smoothly with the 1,500, 000: 1 contrast ratio together with wide color gamut and also HDR 10 support to achieve stunning colors with deeper black levels and brighter whites. This is great for crisp and clear bright images as well as detailed dark scenes.

Advanced Laser Light Source.

The projector features 3,000 lumens brightness and the Cinemax P1 laser combines the state-of-the-art picture performance to offer 30000 hours operation that is maintenance-free.

Easy Image Set-Up.

The Optoma’s SmartFIT geometry correction app allows 4-corner alignment set-up using your mobile phone. This auto-focus feature gives a clear and crisp image instantly.

  • Convenient placement.
  • Voice assistant compatible.
  • Compatible with smartphones.
  • Space-saving.
  • Easy image setup.
  • No 4k streaming.
  • Basic, dated software


5. JmGo SA/SC Laser Cinema Projector

JMGO SA is a projector that boasts great brightness and combines the FHD TV box functionality, HiFi Bluetooth speaker, and low power consumption all in one. To make it better, it features:

Ultra Short Throw Projection.

This projector displays pictures up to 150 inches with the projector approximately 34 inches from your screen or wall. You can install it easily and in turn, maximize your space to enjoy the high-quality pictures without any shadows or distracting glare.

Laser Illumination.

It is equipped with a laser source that creates clear and bright projection images in your living space with ambient lights. The laser bulb lasts for approximately 30,000 hours which is way ahead of the standard bulb hence saving you money in the long run.

HDMI Connectivity.

The SA’s HDMI port is the best for connecting video game consoles including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Blu-ray players, and more.

Immersive Sound Quality.

The projector boasts dual 10-watt high-frequency speakers that give realistic rich audio. Another dual 5-watt full frequency speakers that rise automatically immediately the SA is switched on thus making the treble stronger and fuller.

Easy Setup.

You set up your SA projector in just a few steps. Place the SA away from your wall and then power it on. Open your video streaming app and enjoy your movie. The horizontal and vertical keystone correction ensures that the projected image remains regular and square-shaped.

Wireless Connection And Projection.

You can comfortably connect your SA over Wi-Fi to your computer or mobile device and then view your streaming video in full HD of 1080 pixels on your big screen.

  • A quality projector.
  • Smart Android projector.
  • High resolution.
  • Easy Setup.
  • Flexible connection.
  • Set-up issues.
  • The instructional manual is not well informing.


6. Epson LS 100 Home Cinema Ultra-Short Throw Projector

The Home Cinema LS100 is a short-throw digital laser display that has a seamless, subtle, and simple solution sitting just inches from the wall thus noo detraction from your home decor. This projector has outstanding features that make it a top-quality product and they are:

Deep Black Contrast Ratio.

The projector boasts an extraordinary contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1 for brilliant, vivid colors.

Advanced 3-Chip Design.

This ultra-short throw projector features 3LCD technology that ensures that there are no white segments, color wheels, and also no rainbow effects.

Flexible Installation.

With the 3 HDMI ports, you are able to connect all your devices in just a single hub, providing versatile connectivity for gaming consoles, streaming devices, and satellite boxes.

Ultra Bright Laser Technology.

It has a powerful 4,000 lumens that ensure equal color and white brightness as well as 100% color brightness.

  • Great viewing experience.
  • Easy installation.
  • Versatile connectivity.
  • 3LCD technology.
  • Quick setup guide.
  • No frame interpolation.
  • No 3D support.


7. ViewSonic 4k UHD Short Throw Projector

The ViewSonic projector has an award-winning design composed of a mixture of leather and metal surface. This stylish design will match perfectly with your modern assets. It also has numerous features that will make it your preferred product.

Frame Interpolation Technology.

This technology minimizes the motion blur for ultra-smooth imaging that is best for fast, action-packed sports, movies, and games.

Safety Auto-Off.

To make it better, it has a safety-auto feature that will shut down your projector when it detects objects that are very close to the lens. This feature is very useful in protecting your kid’s eyes from direct light exposure.

Smart TV Enabled.

With an advanced Smart TV, you can stream and binge TV shows and your favorite movies from youtube among others. Moreover, you can stream any multimedia content that is in your mobile device via Wi-Fi.

  • 4k Ultra HD resolution.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • High contrast colors and images.
  • Versatile setup.
  • Portable design.
  • Issues with audio quality.
  • No frame interpolation.


Choosing The Best 4k Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector in 2020

Below are the factors that you should consider when choosing your ultra-short-throw projector:

1. Native Resolution.

This is the primary thing to consider in your UST projector. The resolution will determine the image and video quality. The leat you can go for is 1080p but there are 4k projectors thus your budget will tell.

2. Brightness Rating.

This is another factor that you ought to consider in your UST projector. The brightness rating is expressed in ANSI lumens and it will determine the visibility of your pictures. Consider one with a brightness rating of between 1500-2000 ANSI lumens. If your projector will be installed in rooms with high ambient lights go for a higher brightness rating.

3. Throw Ratio.

The UST projectors come with varying throw ratios. There are those that will project 100-inch imagery within a distance of 6 inches from your wall or screen while others will have to be placed about 15 inches from the screen. Consider a projector with a throw ratio suitable for your room.



1. Are ultra-short-throw projectors good?

Yes, absolutely! With the use of special mirrors and lenses, ultra-short-throw projectors provide a large image on your screen from a shorter distance hence great for your small space.

2. Are ultra-short-throw projectors brighter?

Yes, the ultra-short projectors are brighter. If you consider a home theater a great addition in your home, then you need an ultra-short throw projector. It basically produces brighter images compared to the projectors that are not listed as the Short-throw.

3. What does the projector throw ratio mean?

The projector throw ratio means the distance between the throw, that is, the lens to the screen, and the screen width.

4. Can a projector work on a mirror?

Definitely, it will work great on a mirror. However, you can encounter image reversal since there are projectors that will reverse the image to make it appear correct when it is bounced off a mirror.


In conclusion, the Ultra Short Throw projector is incredible and it cannot compare with the standard projector. You will enjoy many benefits that come with the UST projector including space-saving, quality imagery among others hence the best choice when it comes to choosing your projector.


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