The Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Companies in India

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies In India
Cybersecurity is all about protecting and securing data from breaches. Do you own a website and have been a victim of scammers getting access to your online data illegally? Are your computers in the company protected against malware or virus? Do you wish to know the best cybersecurity companies in India?
If yes, then you are in the right place because this article will highlight the top 10 cyber-security companies in India that will help prevent your organization from losing data from hackers and cybercriminals.
In this digital era, nearly all organization has a digital department for keeping data. But is that data secured? Or is the data vulnerable for misuse or cyber-attack? These ten cybersecurity companies in India will help to prevent your organization from cyberattacks, phishers, or hackers.
In no particular order, here are our top picks of leading cybersecurity firms in India:

1. La Manguste

La Manguste is one of the best cyber-security companies in India located in Kolkata, West Bengal. On its website, the company boasts as ‘a provider of cybersecurity solutions which includes cyber & computer forensics, web and mobile app security, runtime protection from hacking, protection from malware attacks, and much more.’
La Manguste also provides consulting services about the best applications for small enterprises for use to prevent them against cyberattacks. The good news is that you can get all these services at a friendly fee and optimize your data security.
The company also boasts of a team of highly qualified professionals who aims to give you that peace of mind as you run your business. These highly experienced security professionals are highly knowledgeable about the useful application to prevent cyberattacks. Additionally, they are always available to counter emergencies; making your business a haven.

2. Veracode

Veracode is another trusted application security company headquartered in the US but with an active presence in India. The company has gained a positive reputation among Indians for providing a range of cybersecurity solutions for over a decade.
Some of the largest companies in India and multinationals prefer Veracode as their best go-to alternative company for security solutions in areas such as security assessment of the computers, mobile application security testing, and much more.
Most recently, Veracode has specialized in providing all-round cybersecurity services in India. It boasts of a team of qualified cybersecurity experts who help in a range of cybersecurity solutions such as websites and servers protection against cybercriminals.
The company also provides defensive cybersecurity services that cover areas such as cyber forensics, web assessment and risk compliance services

3. Cyberops Infosec LLP

This is another cyber-security company based in Jaipur, making waves in various organizations. According to the companies’ website, the cybersecurity firm provides a wide range of digital protection services such as penetration testing in “web and mobile application, network, wireless, router set up, and much more.”
The services offered by Cyberops mostly suit law enforcement agencies and financial institutions who prefer efficient protection against cyber-attacks. Cyberops dominates Indian organizations because it gives clients a better experience in the field of cybercrime investigation.
Academic institutions in India also prefer Cyberops because it offers an excellent service in the field of information security, providing penetration testing for various sectors in organizations. Apart from being one of India’s leading cybersecurity companies, Cyberops also has a global network for information security and cybercrime investigation.

4. Hicube Infosec Pvt. Ltd.

Hicube Infosec is another of India’s leading cybersecurity company that has gained a positive reputation among organizations. The company has gained popularity as a provider of cost-effective security solutions in areas such as cybersecurity training, network security, website security, cybercrime investigation, penetration testing, and much more. The company specializes in malware and virus scan, a cybersecurity consultancy, cybercrime investigations and much more. Hicube also offers courses and training to experts or specialists who need to explore more about cybersecurity.
After increasing its customer base in India, Hicube has focused on enlarging its global presence in cybercrime investigation. Hicube also provides certified training programs in information security, which is delivered by highly experienced professionals. The company also deals with penetration testing services and cybercrime investigation services as per the needs of their clients. The company has gained popularity among clients because it provides specialized services for cybersecurity.

5. K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd.

K7 is another reputable cybersecurity company that has deep penetration in the Indian market. The company aims to help organizations improve their success ratio by assisting them in combatting the cyber invasion.
In the more than a decade of its operation in India, the company has won several awards and certifications, including the best company that provides consistent protection against any internet threat.
There are over a thousand and private organizations in India who prefer using the services of K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd more especially those from finance, healthcare and education. The company also has an eye on businesses, empowering companies with secure protection. Additionally, K7 computing also provides services such as online risk detection, assessment, and cyber-surveillance.

6. Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.

The company has lived to its name, providing quick heal to organizations in the issues relating to cybersecurity. Headquartered in Pune, India, the company has been in operation since the mid-1990s and has specialized in the computer and network security solutions. The company has a significant international presence in more than 80 countries and boasts of skilled employees who have outstanding expertise in the field of cybersecurity.
Quick heal is also suitable for home users, protecting PCs, laptops, Mac, and smartphones. The company also provides real-time security against web-based attacks. The company currently focuses on providing cloud-based security to stop threats and malicious attacks.
Quick heal also provides quality based IT security solutions that cover areas such as penetration testing, compliance and much more.

7. Skylark Information Technologies

Private Limited
This is another best cybersecurity company, headquartered in Chennai, India. The company has provided cybersecurity solutions for more than three decades. Its primary area of focus is IT infrastructure solutions and services, database security, cloud security, mobile security solutions, firewall solutions and much more.
Skylark has focused on providing excellent services to its customers in India and have begun establishing global branches in different parts of the world. The company has an active presence in Africa and the US, where it outsources most of its experts. Skylark also offers a range of services in blockchain technology for both small and large scale organizations.

8. Wi-Jungle

Wi-Jungle is a top cybersecurity company in India that stands out form its peers because of one weird reason. It specializes in Next-Gen Network Security Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM), carefully combined in one appliance.
Among the institutions that use the services of Wi-Jungle includes hospitality institutions, healthcare, education, and more. Wi-Jungle prides itself as an all-inclusive cybersecurity company providing services such as vulnerability assessment, penetration testing services and much more. The company also provides advisory consultancy in aspects such as audit, compliance and management.

9. eSec Forte Technologies

eSec Forte Technologies is a global consulting and IT services firm headquartered in India. Since its inception, the company has specialized in offering cybersecurity services such as malware detection, forensic audit, security audit, risk assessment, penetration settings, and much more.
Because of its outstanding cybersecurity services, eSec Forte technologies received a CMMi level 3 certification. Additionally, eSec is the only cybersecurity company that has CrackBox, which is used for password cracking/breaking.
With over 10,000 employees that serve clients in different countries, eSec Forte technologies are one of the best cybersecurity companies in India with offices in Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune, and offices in various foreign countries.

10. AVG India

With more than two decades of combating cybercrimes, AVG prides itself as one of the best cybersecurity company in India. The company primarily focuses on detecting and preventing some common cybercrimes.
AVG India boasts of laboratories used primarily researching all issues relating to cybercrime. Even though AVG India is now part of Avast family, the company still offers tons of security-related services under its name.
In the short period that AVG India has operated in the country, it has been able to expand its services in many cities including Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai. Their corporate office is located in Mumbai.
AVG protects users against Internet-based threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers. AVG India has gained popularity in the country such that it offers basic level protection for computers and smartphones. Due to its high reputation, AVG most private sector organizations and government departments in India prefer the services of the company as long as cybersecurity is concerned.

Wrap Up

As organizations keep popping up daily, there is a great need to keep their eyes on securing their data. And with the rate of cyberattacks escalating day by day, it is suitable for organizations to secure their networks from getting attacked from both external and internal invaders. The ten companies listed here are the most promising cybersecurity companies in India, all intending to help combat cyberattacks and invasions.

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